windsurfing, windfoil and Stand-up Paddle rental

windsurfing, windfoil and Stand-up Paddle rental in south of France close to Montpellier: spot Aresquiers Frontignan-Plage.

All Windsurf, windfoil and Stand-up Paddle rentals include wetsuit, adapted shoes and harness

Equipmeny cannot be booked, and priority is given to our courses. Remaining equipement can be booked depending on weather conditions.

Gift vouchers for 10h rental  are available.

New : Tramontana Windsurf  propose you to discovere windfoil with l’AFS 1 for more feeling !


We feature AFS1 by AHD Boards and Superfreak by Hot Sails Maui

2 consecutive hours : 70€ + surety deposit, rental only on the sea, booking required, 10h voucher : 300€ + surety deposit, rental only on the sea, booking required


Our equipement includes AHD Boards and Hot Sails Maui sails

Classic 1 h: 20€, 2 consecutive hours : 35€, 10h voucher: 150€

Board with daggerboard AHD ZEN or Stand Up Paddle convertible model ADH Sommerboard and learning sail Hot Sails New School de 1.5 m² à 5.5 m².

Funboard 1 h : 25€, 2 consecutive hours  : 45€, 10h voucher : 200€

Freeride board  AHD Fast Forward de 90 l à 145 l ou Stand Up Paddle convertible model ADH Sommerboard et sail Hot Sails Superfreak de 3.7 m² à 7.0 m²

10h vouchers must be completed during current year – they will not be accepted afterwards. Check out Tramontana Windsurf open days

Stand Up Paddle

Our equipment includes  Sommerboard boards, the learner version of Sealion XL, to be combined with a paddle or a sail according to your wish.

Stand Up Paddle Sommerboard 1 h: 10€, 3 consecutive hours : 25€

ADH Sealion  Summerboard, with ajustable aluminium paddle and leash.

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