Weather forecast and the spot

informations about the weather and the spot Aresquiers

informations about the weather and the spot Aresquiers

Weather conditions :

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The spot :

Tramontana Windsurf is most of the time based on « etang d’Ingril » in Frontignan-Plage. Best known as « Aresquiers », this is the ideal spot to learn and improve your windsurfing : it is a closed-border lake, with small depth, and remains flat even with strong wind conditions, making it a secure place. It therefore fulfills beginners’ needs as well as expectations of experienced freestylers and slalomers.

Renowned as one of Herault’s best spots for a strong and frequent Tramontane, due to Gardiole hills acting as a wind accelerator. It is possible to park very close to the water, allowing an easy start without long walks carrying your board. Main wind direction also brings you back to the beach, which is secure for beginners. This wind direction combined with the low depth of the lake makes it a very safe place for children to discover windsurf.

Tramontana windsurf is a mobile structure that allows you to discover other spots in Languedoc-Roussillon when weather conditions are better than in Aresquiers. This is only possible out of school holidays, for availability reasons.

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