Tactik Sailboard

informations about Tactik Sailboard

Tactik Sailboard : Classic windsurf by  AHD boards.
The original windsurf concept, perfect from 0 to 15 knots, this board is designed in the classic raceboard spirit. You can sail whatever the weather, it’s perfect for summertime sessions for exemple on a lake or a raid along the coast. It’s also perfect for regatta with the sandwich construction who provide rigidity and lightness.

Prix: 1,899.00 €


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Models Tactik Sailboard
Volume 250 l
Length 320.00 cm
10′ 5  »
Width 76.00 cm
29 1/4 »
Width ofo 59.00 cm
23 1/2 »
(+/- 6%)
13.00 kg
Fin box Deep Tuttle
Fin size NC
Sail size 5,0 – 9.5

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